Arduino Course in Pakistan

Arduino Course in Pakistan

Creative Arduino Course in Pakistan

We provide best Arduino Course in Pakistan, with hands on practice during the course.

Our Instructors are highly experienced, and we aim to provide quality professional training.

Arduino Course in Lahore Pakistan

Online or onsite, instructor-led live Arduino demonstrates through hands-on practice how to program the Arduino to control rea, Control Devices, complete work of Arduino, world electronic and mechanical devices, including lights, motors and motion detection sensors. This is the best-ever Arduino Course in Pakistan.

Arduino training is available as “online live training on Zoom” or “onsite live training”. Online live training (aka “remote live training”) is carried out by way of an interactive. Onsite live Arduino training in Pakistan can be carried out locally on customer premises or in the Pakluck training center.

What is Arduino Really?

Arduino Course in Pakistan

Arduino is an open-source platform comprising a microcontroller and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There are different languages to use but the use of a simplified version of C++ makes it easier to learn to program.

The goal of Arduino is to create an accessible way for software developers to enter the world of micro-controller programming and make everything from LFR to home automation. Arduino can be used as the brains behind almost any electronics project and can be used to change the world or at least yours.



Our course is designed in a way that its provides all the necessary training to beginners who have no knowledge regarding Arduino and Programming. Our Modules 1 and 2 are comprised of basic Arduino Training. So don’t worry if you are just a newbie and want to start.


After students learns all the elementary things, our next modules which is Module 3 provide some high-level training and projects to made. It includes interfacing of different modules, sensors and shield, so students will be a level-up after completing this module.


After learning all the necessary modules, we provide extra advance level training and hands on experience on different projects. It includes Wireless Communication and IoT in Module 4 and 5. These modules makes us unique from our competitors and make this on of the best Arduino Course in Lahore, Pakistan.

Arduino is a board that is based on an ATmega328P microcontroller. This Board can be flexibly used with a more conventional programming environment be it C, assembler, etc. Arduino came in the year 2005 in Italy, for students to create interactive environments using sensors and actuators. Professionals too started showing interest and exploring the development board. With due time this shielded board of microcontrollers opened up options with multiple projects and usage.

Who should attend:

Students who have technical knowledge and interest, are eligible for this program. Those who do not have knowledge of embedded systems and robotics but wish to learn can also pursue this program. Also, enhance your knowledge about Arduino by completing learn Arduino Course in Lahore Pakistan.

Career Aspects:

After learning Arduino, individuals can pursue a career in various fields, such as Robotics, automation, IoT, and embedded systems. With its versatility and ease of use, Arduino is a popular platform used by companies worldwide. Individuals with expertise in Arduino can work as electronics engineers, software developers, or embedded systems engineers. They can also work in research and development or pursue entrepreneurship by developing innovative products or solutions. Additionally, individuals can continue to build on their knowledge and skills by taking advanced courses and certifications in Arduino and related technologies. Overall, learning Arduino can lead to exciting career opportunities in a rapidly growing field.

Senior Robotic System Engineer, Embedded Engineer, Product lead, Predictive Analytics, Robotics & Embedded System Trainer.

Industry Needs:

For rapid development and knowledge without taking out the soldering iron, ATMEGA328 on UNO adds to the electronic requirement standards in Pakistan. Be it a small device or a car, microcontrollers and development boards are used all over, If you get the best knowledge for learning perspective join our Arduino Course in Lahore Pakistan.


Module # 1 -Introduction to Arduino Platform

In the first module of Certified Arduino Course students will be provided with brief knowledge regarding Arduino Platform, Hardware and different boards of Arduino along with IDE of Arduino and basics of Micro-controllers.

  • Arduino Boards, Specification and Pin Configration  – Guideline to all Arduino Boards and specification of Arduino Uno
  • Microcontrollers and Components -Brief knowledge of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 
  • Integrated Development Environment of Arduino  and Board Setup -Being familiar with Arduino IDE where all the Programming is done and setting up Arduino Board with Computer.
  • Standalone Arduino -Learning to make your own Arduino Board

Module # 2 -Introduction to C/C++ Language

In this module, concepts of Programming will be introduced from a very basic level and hands-on experience will be provided. Students will learn to code in C Language and make different programs. The flow of writing a program in Arduino IDE will also be explained.

  • Basic Programming, Syntax and Flow                                        
  • Arduino Sketch Structure
  • Variables and Constants
  • Functions
  • Control Flow, If-Else and Loops
  • Programming in Arduino IDE to control blinking of LED 
  • Serial Communication and Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE
  • Concept of Pulse Width Modulation and its Programming for LED Fading

Module # 3 -Sensors and Modules Interfacing

The most important module of this Certified Arduino Course where students will learn to program Arduino in order to interface different sensors with it and learn the basic electronics and connection of sensors, motors and modules. Working of different sensors will also be explained. Students will get practical training on connecting sensors with Arduino.

  • Interfacing of LDR
  • Interfacing of Temperature Sensor
  • Interfacing of Pressure Sensor
  • Interfacing of Humidity Sensor
  • Interfacing of Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Interfacing of Infrared Sensor
  • Interfacing of Motor Sheilds
  • Interfacing of DC Motors
  • Interfacing of Servo Motors
  • Connecting LCD Display with Arduino
  • Using Relay Module with Arduino

Module # 4 -Wireless Communication

The world is working on Wireless Technologies therefore in this module, students will get brief understanding as well as practical training on Wireless Communication. Students will learn to interface different Modules that can enable wireless communication in Arduino and develop exciting projects with it. 

  • Working of Wireless IR Communication with Arduino
  • Decoding and Programming of IR Remote Codes
  • Controlling different Sensors and Objects with Self Made Remote Control Project
  • Working of Wireless Bluetooth Communication with Arduino
  • Interfacing of Bluetooth Module with Arduino
  • Working with Different Modes of HC-05 (Bluetooth Modules)
  • Connecting Mobile App with Arduino through Bluetooth
  • Controlling Sensors, Lights and Objects through Voice Commands over Bluetooth

Module # 5 -Internet of Things (IoT)

The best part of this course is that students will get hands-on experience on one of the most demanding skills of the world which is IoT. All the concepts of IoT will be provided with practical training including development of different IoT Projects through IoT Boards and Platforms.

  • Introduction to IoT  –learning the basic concept of IoT and its applications
  • Wifi Module – learning regarding different Wifi Modules such as NodeMcu and WeMos
  • IoT Protocols and Security
  • Introduction to LocalHost, Server and Client
  • HTML based Web Page Creation connected with WiFi Module
  • Web Server – Making web-server with NodeMCU and controlling devices over WiFi
  • IoT Platforms  – Introduction and Use of different IoT Platforms
  • ThingSpeak  – Learning to use ThingSpeak IoT Platform and interface sensors
  • Development and Deployment of IoT Project
  •  Monitor/Control devices from Anywhere in the World
  • Control Home Appliances over WiFi with Mobile

Major Projects:

  1. Line Following Robot -a robot that follows a particular line and can be used in different applications 
  2. Obstacle and Edge Avoiding Robot -a robot that never hit obstacles never falls, and avoids them efficiently.
  3. Home Automation -Controlling and Monitoring your Home Appliance with your mobile phones
  4. IoT Weather Station – Monitoring the Weather of a particular place over the Internet and implementing different things.
  5. Wireless/Remote Controlled Car -a robotic car controlled wirelessly over Bluetooth or IR Communication.
  6. Voice and Gesture Controlled Robot -a robot that is controlled by voice as well as gesture
  7.  IoT-Based Health Monitoring System -Sensing Heart-Pulse Rate and different vital parameters of the Human Body and Monitoring it over the Internet from anywhere.

NOTE: Every module includes different small projects of every sensor in order to have a hand-on experience


We appreciate talented students who have new ideas and go beyond their limits to try something new. That is why we offer internships to the best students of our course who prove themselves as extraordinary and talented. Also, Join as an instructor to teach Arduino Course in Pakistan.

But, if you’re not a Romanian (our course student) we still also appreciate and guide you as a student if you have new ideas to implement which can change the world. So let us know if you face any difficulty and need any guidance.

Read More About Pakluck

Pakluck is a reputable best institute in Pakistan that offers a comprehensive Arduino course. The Arduino course in Pakistan covers both hardware and software aspects of the platform, with a hands-on approach to teaching that includes projects.

The instructors are highly qualified and experienced, making the course ideal for students and professionals interested in electronics and embedded systems. The course is flexible, with online Arduino courses, classroom-based, and hybrid options available. Upon completion, students can expect to have a deep understanding of the Arduino platform and be well-equipped to work on projects in a variety of industries.

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