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DC Gear Motor mini (metal gear)

  • Certification:ROHS
  • Commutation:Brush
  • Usage:Robots, Do It Yourself experiments, Robot car, toy cars
  • Type:Gear Motor
  • Good for projects where low RPM and powerful rotation is required
  • Model Number:N20 DC MOTOR
  • Efficiency:IE 2
  • Speed(RPM):20~100RPM
  • Voltage(V):3-6V

DC Motor Mini 3v

  • 7mm is the motor diameter.
  • 1 IE is Coreless DC Motor efficiency.
  • 0.1A is its continuous current.
  • shaft diameter is 1mm.
  • Micro DC Motor is used in boat, car, electric bicycle. fan, Helicopters.

Flat Vibration Motor

  • High quality vibrating motor
  • coin type
  • very small size
  • 2V to 3V operating volts
  • Can easily drive from Arduino to add vibration affect in your project

Pulley Gear for Small DC Motor

  • Science project Pulley wheels for dc motor.
  • Ideal for students.
  • DC motor gear pulley science experiments.
  • Best for school science projects and experiments.
  • See more product details.
  • Imported from Japan.

Vibrator Motor Mini 12mm

  • Rated Voltage: 3.7VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 1.0 – 3.3VDC
  • Output Speed: 16000RPM
  • Body Size: 4mm x 6mm/ 0.16in x 0.24in(D*T)
  • Total Length: 13mm/ 0.51in
  • Material: Metal, Electronic Parts
  • Net Weight: 1g
  • Main Color: May vary with stock
  • Current: 60mA @ 3V
  • Max Current: 70mA
  • Starting Current: 90mA