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1N4003 Diode

  • Average forward current is 1A
  • Non-repetitive Peak  current is 30A
  • Reverse current is 5uA.
  • RMS reverse voltage is 140V
  • Peak repetitive Reverse voltage is 200V
  • Available in DO-41 Package

DC Motor Mini 3v

  • 7mm is the motor diameter.
  • 1 IE is Coreless DC Motor efficiency.
  • 0.1A is its continuous current.
  • shaft diameter is 1mm.
  • Micro DC Motor is used in boat, car, electric bicycle. fan, Helicopters.

Small Wheel for 2 wheel chassis

  • White Nylon PP Material Wheel
  • Universal caster
  • Quiet and wear-resisting
  • Handiness, shock absorption
  • Would not scratch the floor
  • Ideal for various uses and places